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Pedal To The Petals

Quick Details

E-Bike 16 +
Adult 16+

The Pedaler’s Pedal To The Petals is a 3 hour E-Bike Garden Tour.

One hour to cycle 17 kilometres, two hours visiting. We will bike across Victoria and Oak Bay, travelling east-to-west across the southern tip of the Sannich Peninsula.

We will visit 4 distinctive gardens, public and private, three managed by keen volunteers, one by a very busy family, and a couple of interesting tidbits.

We’ll look at design, plant choices, West Coast sensibility and sustainability. Along the way, we will cycle through lovely residential neighbourhoods, enjoy Victoria’s spectacular coastal scenery.

Enjoy the occasional, typically funky Victoria take on “gardening”. Some of the route is on marked bike lanes, but most will be on quiet residential neighbourhoods.