These Canadian-made bicycles are the perfect new addition to our ever growing fleet of bicycles at The Pedaler. Simcoe is a Toronto-based company with the main goal of creating the best city bike for North America riding. Erik Kamphof, Stave Tam, Michael Bennington, and Dustin McMurphy are the masterminds behind the Simcoe brand.

The name Simcoe derives from a Canadian community in the province of Ontario. Simcoe took the classic European dutch style bike and made their own tweaks to it to represent something for North America riding. Some of these creative but much-needed tweaks are their leather washers to minimize fender rattle, chain guards to prevent your pants getting stuck in the chain, paint that is more resistant to rust and dings than most other bicycles out there, fenders to keep the dirt trails off your back and other little nifty details like their embroidered top tubes with the slogan “through this ride, freedom”. They also decided to go for classic colours that will withstand the test of time. These Simcoe bikes will never go out of style!

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The Pedaler is a proud Canadian born company dedicated to supporting locals and working with other Canadian companies. We are very excited to have these bicycles up and running for our 2017 season. If you book a tour with us you will likely be riding on of these beautiful bicycles. They may be rented when available, and may be reserved online. We hope our guests will like them as much as we do! Come by The Pedaler and join us on one of our tours to try out our new Simcoe fleet and choose from an arrangement of colours, from midnight blue to matte burgundy, pistachio, and the classic charcoal.