Why do people take guided bike tours when travelling?

  • – it is an easy way to experience a new city in an intimate and authentic way
  • – local guides will always provide more information about local activities, restaurants, and attractions
  • – great way to get “the lay of the land”
  • – for those who like to rent a bike, after a guided tour you have a much better sense of the town and the best places to cycle … making the rest of your time more relaxing and enjoyable

Why take a guided bike tour with The Pedaler?

The Pedaler was founded on the concept of providing visitors the ability to more easily connect to an authentic version of Victoria … the Victoria that locals experience everyday … and for everyone to have some fun on bicycles!

We believed we could do this by designing guided bicycle tours that would take people into our neighbourhoods and into some of the best eateries in town. Our guides would be knowledgeable, local ambassadors that truly loved sharing Victoria with visitors.

We would not be bike snobs. We would offer stylish, comfortable bicycles as well as more aggressive, athletic equipment. We would provide tandems and single speeds (fixie) for a completely different experience.

We would offer unique tours! Our guided craft beer tour (Hoppy Hour) was the first in Canada. Our self-guided tour enabled by a smart phone with puzzles to solve at various iconic locations (Puzzle Hunt) is another first in Canada. Our food tour by bicycle (Eat Drink Pedal) was the first and still the only one in Victoria. Our lighthearted historical city tour (Castles, Hoods & Legends) was the first in Victoria.

We would design and share self-guided tours for our clients who wanted to rent bikes and have an independent experience. Our staff would be able to provide knowledgeable local information about bicycle routes for all of our rental customers.

Our passion for showcasing Victoria by bicycle is authentic and it resonates with our clients.

We have been #1 cycling activity on Trip Advisor in Victoria since our first season in 2013.

Come for a pedal with us!

You are just a bike ride away from feeling like a kid!

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