At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you!

Moon Under Water Pub

Moon Under Water Brewpub is one of the fantastic brewpubs that we ride our bicycles to as part of our Hoppy Hour Tour here in Victoria. Moon Under Water Brewpub is a family business run by mother Anne, stepfather Steve, son Clay and their dog Brew. The birth of Moon Under Water Brewpub all started when Clay went to school at the University of Victoria to study genetic engineering. In his fourth year of a five-year program, he secured a co-op position at Lighthouse Brewery in Victoria. From then on he was hooked. Eventually his quest to learn lead him to be accepted into the Brewing and Distilling Masters Program at Heriot Watt University in Edinburg Scotland. Clay soaked up an abundant knowledge for European brewing and later brought his philosophies and methods back to his hometown of Victoria, B.C. The family always dreamt of owning a brewery so when the Moon Under Water Brewpub came onto the market they knew it was the opportunity they were looking for.

Clay working his magic on the brewery side of the establishment

Since the family took over in 2012 there have been quite a few brews that have been developed. Some of the local favourites are Light side of the Moon and Creepy Uncle Dunkel. As far as co-owner Anne’s favourite, she says all of them are her favourite, it just depends on how she is feeling. This brings us to the seasonality of their beers. Anne explains that there are 5 core beers that are available all the time and then there are seasonals which come and go depending on the time of the year and what new seasonal products are available. For instance, their Pumpkin Pearzon encompasses all things Fall, and This is Hefeweizen is perfect for a hot summer day after a bike ride. These seasonals have been crafted specifically for each season and also following any trends. In addition to this, the seasonality of their brews also come down to time and space. At the moment, Clay is working on their Kettle Sours and Crows Nest.

Moon Under Water isn’t just a brewery, they also acquired the pub when purchasing their space. The pub is great for relaxing with a beer and taking in the atmosphere of the brew making process while also enjoying some delicious traditional pub food. All of the food at Moon Under Water Brewpub is hand made and they have tried to incorporate their beer in most of their dishes. Some of these dishes include their onion rings, fish and chips and chili (YUM, you get to try one of these dishes on our Hoppy Hour Tour!) Moon Under Water Brewpub doesn’t just have food for human consumption though, they have also created a line of beer incorporating doggy treats and doggy beer that they can barely keep on the shelves it’s so popular. Brew is definitely one lucky dog!

Moon Under Water Brewpub has been working with The Pedaler on our Hoppy Hour Tour since day one. They enjoy working with us because they love meeting new people. Anne says they get a great variety of different people who come on our tours. Travelers from all over the world come to Victoria and book with The Pedaler and that means Moon Under Water Brewpub gets to mingle with some of our amazing clientele. One of OUR favourite things about working with Moon Under Water Brewpub is that their family dynamic brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to the pub. You never get that corporate feeling in their establishment. Everyone is greeted by first names, with locals and owners mingling freely throughout the pub. We like to show our sense of community and support for the locals here in Victoria and that is exactly what you will find at the Moon Under Water Brewpub.To get a real sense of “how the locals do it” grab your bike and head over to Moon Under Water Brewpub and try your hand at Friday night Bingo or Wednesday night wings. If you need a bike and route finding help, come see us to rent a bike and let us show you our bike-friendly route.

The Moon Under Water Brewpub is the perfect example of why B.C is considered the king of the craft beer scene. The Brewpub is such a fantastic addition to our Hoppy Hour Tour. Anne says the best thing about bicycling and beer is that they are both good for you! We also agree with this statement so come join us on our Hoppy Hour Tour with lots of beer tastings and bike riding around Victoria!