The cruise ship season is just around the corner and for most businesses, in Victoria, that means the busy season has arrived. Victorian’s love visitors and we thrive at showcasing how beautiful our city is. For all those lucky cruisers out there, we are waiting in anticipation for your arrival! If you still have not experienced our amazing city and are wondering what exactly your stopover in Victoria might be like, here are some great tips and a bit of local history of our home we call Victoria.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and we are located on Vancouver Island. No, not Vancouver the city, but it’s own island located south west of the city of Vancouver (we know it’s confusing, even some of us Canadians still get it mixed up from time to time). Our city’s population is only 80,000. If we include surrounding municipalities, or Greater Victoria, it sits around 380,000. Our weather is temperate and pretty darn amazing since we do, after all, live in Canada. We have been referred to as the “Hawaii of Canada”. This also has to do with our great beaches, easy access to nature and our laid back lifestyle. Once nick-named as home to “the newlyweds and nearly dead” Victoria now has a very different vibe. Victoria’s art scene has taken off, young entrepreneurs are taking over the city, the tech industry is booming, and we have copious amounts of new and old local restaurants and cafes. We were once a maritime stopover but now we are an anticipated destination for cruisers. Here are a few fun facts about Victoria which help contribute to what makes our city so amazing.

Did you know:

  1. Victoria is the most romantic destination in Canada
  2. Victoria is the warmest year round place in Canada
  3. Victoria has the oldest China Town in Canada and 2nd oldest China Town in North America
  4. Victoria has recently been named the Brunch Capital of Canada
  5. Most importantly, Victoria is the cycling capital of Canada

So what exactly does the cycling capital of Canada mean? It means that Victoria is very bike friendly. We have more cyclists per capita than any other Canadian city. We have great bike trails like the Galloping Goose and Lochside Trail. We have nascent bike lane infrastructure in the inner city. Our year round temperature is mild enough that we can ride bicycles year around. Victorian’s love to support fellow bike commuters and anyone really who decides to jump on a bike instead of driving. Discovering Victoria by bike is one of the best ways to see the city. At The Pedaler we have many options for tourists and locals.You can just come by to rent a bike and do your own exploring or you can try out one of our guided or self-guided tours. If you’re a foodie looking to try some new ventures in town then try our Eat, Drink, Pedal Tour, or if you are more of a history buff then come and join us on our Castles, Hoods and Legends Tour. Feeling like getting away from the crowds? Our Your Tour Your Way allows us to create a private tour for just your group. If you want to head out to Butchart Garden for the day on the bike but feel it might be a bit of a trek then our e-bikes are always an option or our self-guided Butchart Gardens tour which takes you out by car one way is a great idea.

The Pedaler is conveniently located only 1.5 km from the cruise ship terminal, Ogden Point. It is a flat 15-minute walk through the quaint neighborhood of James Bay. We provide bike rentals, bike tours, and great biking information for trails or local food and drink stops. We have a great coastal evening bike tour which is perfect for the late night cruise ship arrivals. You can join one of our bicycle tours right from the cruise ship terminal that are sold on board many cruise ships. It is as easy as departing the boat and hoping right onto one of our bikes. You can reserve online, by phone or through the cruise ship.