For all of us here at The Pedaler, commuting by bike in Victoria is second nature to us. We pick up groceries on our bikes, ride to work and even drop our kids off at school. Some of us are even car free and solely rely on our bicycles. There are many reasons why we choose to commute by bike in Victoria and here are some of the reasons why we think you should too!

With a new year ahead, our environment and how we take care of it will be a topic in the spotlight. Many of us are conscious about reducing our footprint as much as we possibly can. At The Pedaler we recycle every little piece of scrap paper, we use old shirts as bike rags, we donate old bike parts to the needy and obviously we preach cycling as one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around. Hopping onto your bike to go down to the corner store or to meet a friend just makes sense. You rarely have parking problems.

Getting outside is another perk of commuting by bike. Victoria’s temperature is mild enough for us to ride a bicycle all year long. In the winter months we forget how much our bodies crave vitamin D. We tend to spend quite a bit of time inside over the holidays and over the winter season. Riding your bicycle to work in the morning is a great way for you to get some fresh air and also clear your head before and after your work day.

Exercise and losing weight seems to be on almost everyone’s mind after the holiday season, and with 2017 kicking off you can expect that your local gym is going to be crammed full with New Years resolution goers. If you want to beat the crowd but still get your exercise, commuting around Victoria by bicycle is a great option. You might not realize how many calories you burn and kilometers you put on your bicycle when you are running around doing your errands, but it all adds up. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much gentle exercise you are getting all while enjoying a bicycle ride and without a special trip to the gym.

Who doesn’t like to save money? Choosing cycling as your means of transportation will save you money! As we all know, cars are expensive. By choosing a bicycle over a car you are saving money on insurance, gas, maintenance, parking, plus the money you will need just to buy the vehicle.

Get to know the place you live in. You’d be amazed how much opportunity there is to just explore your local surroundings, or how much more you discover when you are not in your car. You might find a beach you didn’t know existed, a coffee shop that sells the best roasted beans in the city, or even your own private trail. Most people never truly realize just how much there is so close to home. Victoria has so many hidden little gems. If you are looking to explore Victoria more but need some motivation to get started, try out our Pedaler Puzzle Hunt. It is a great way to explore your local community, and have some fun on your own or with friends. The Pedaler Hunt is 50% off the regular price if you buy before the end of February and you can use it now, later in the spring or even this summer … there is no expiry date!

These are just a few of the reasons why we feel cycling trumps any other means of transportation. Start this New Year off on a bicycle, just like the thousands of other bike commuters here in Victoria. We promise you will love it and most of all have fun doing it. If you are in need of a new bike or just want to splurge on something new to you, we have our lovely 8 speed city bikes (perfect for commuting in Victoria) for sale. If you still aren’t sure about this whole ‘bike commuting thing’ then stop by The Pedaler and try renting a bike for a couple days or even a day and see what you think. There is a large community of bike commuters here in Victoria so come on and join us!