While Victoria is an ideal location for outdoor adventures, the city also hosts some fun and eclectic cultural events. After a long day of playing outside and, it’s nice to sit down and watch a show! Starting May 18th, Intrepid Theatre will be hosting Uno Fest – a unique theatre festival exclusively featuring solo performances (“one-person shows”) celebrating its 19th season.

uno fest

photo courtesy of intrepidtheatre.com

Intrepid Theatre runs two different theatre venues – Metro Studio and Intrepid Theatre Club, which will be featuring the shows from performers all across Canada.


In the past, the shows have featured everything from dance and comedy acts to dramatic Shakespearean interpretations. The festival is curated, meaning that the application process is open but all entries are evaluated by the festival organizers to ensure only top-quality shows are performed.


For a budget-friendly option, check if the show you want to see has a “Pay-What-You-Can” option when you buy tickets at the door (typically marked with an *).


Intrepid Theatre also hosts the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, starting late in August and running over Labour Day Weekend. True to the Intrepid Theatre brand, Fringe Fest is a theatre festival specializing in shows that are experimental in either their style or subject matter. Originating in the UK, fringe festivals have grown in popularity and can be found all across Canada.


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