The Pedaler has designed a smart-phone enabled self-guided tour of Victoria to allow visitors and locals who like games and puzzles a unique experience. Our Victoria By Bike “Puzzle Hunt” is an independent, self-guided tour with a twist! The Puzzle Hunt is similar to a scavenger hunt, taking participants all around the city for a fun and informative bike ride, with puzzles to solve at various locations.

This digital puzzle-driven “hunt by bicycle” around Victoria is the first ClueKeeper hunt in Canada, and the first cycling-specific hunt of its kind in the world on the ClueKeeper platform. Think of Cluekeeper like iTunes and instead of buying music once you download the free ClueKeeper App you purchase HUNTS on the ClueKeeper platform specific to cities all around the world.

Here is how it works

First, visitors download the free ClueKeeper app on their smartphone (either Android or iPhone will work). Next, they enter the Hunt Code, which is provided by The Pedaler at the shop. Once the code is entered the directions, route, puzzles, clues and hunt information is downloaded to your device. Only one app download and hunt purchase is necessary for each group. When our hunt is downloaded and ready to go, it’s time to get participants set up on their bikes. Participants are welcome to bring their own bikes, or rent one from The Pedaler (pedal bikes are discounted with a Hunt purchase).


In case any groups run into any trouble, we at The Pedaler provide each group with a map of the route (in a sealed envelope, so there are no spoilers). The Hunt gives the participants directions as well as a map from The Pedaler shop to their first destination. Once they arrive at their first stop, they are given a few fun facts about where they are, interesting things to see, and then a puzzle to solve in order to unlock the directions to their next destination. The puzzles encourage participants to think “sideways,” and work together to solve the puzzles. Additional clues for solving a puzzle can be “bought” by trading points for extra clues. The hunt itself can be done in about two and a half hours, but encourages participants to take breaks to enjoy different parts of the city, alerts when there are public washrooms nearby, and offers suggestions for places to stop for food and drinks.

The hunt can be done as one group of people, or participants can break into teams and compete! Time is kept throughout the quest and, at the end, each team is given a score. Losing team buys the beers!


You do not need a data plan to play the Hunt once you have downloaded the app and The Pedaler Hunt. We have WiFi at the shop. When you have completed your hunt you need to “synch up” so your final scores can be tabulated.

Buy this online here or come into the shop and buy in person!

Keep an eye out for contests The Pedaler runs at various times to award teams with the best scores fabulous prizes!

When locals return to our shop after completing our Hunt and enthusiastically share their experience, we know we have created something unique and fun!

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