At The Pedaler, we take pride in our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Since we like our crew so much, we thought you’d like to get to know them too! Check back here for profiles of all our Pedalers, get to know the team, and learn more about this dynamic city! 

owen sieffert

This is Owen Sieffert’s second season at The Pedaler, and his first year working in the shop as well as giving tours. He found the job through “knowing a guy” (that guy being Felix) while looking for work after his first year of studying at Dalhousie University.

Owen’s favourite tour stop is Government House on the Castles, Hoods and Legends tour. Born and raised in Victoria, he and his friends grew up playing in the public gardens around the House.

government house totem pole

Totem Pole at Government House

Right now, his favourite ride in Victoria is the appropriately-named Mount Doug Challenge. The route goes along the water, around all of Cadboro Bay to Queenswood Drive. From there he heads to Mount Doug and proceeds to go UP THE MOUNTAIN, then back down, around Mount Doug park to the Lochside Trail and home. When asked why this was his favourite, he replied, “Because it’s a CHALLENGE.” Point made. Post-ride, Owen’s favourite beer right now is either Down Easy from Hoyne Brewing or Blue Buck from Phillips.

When asked which his favourite bike at the Pedaler is, the answer was easy – the new Norco Search. Why, you may ask? “One word: Carbon.”