It is a uniquely challenging feat to write about yourself in the third person. “Karly enjoys riding bikes because…her favourite summer beer is…” etc. It’s awkward, and it is for that exact reason that I have opted to write as myself – Pedaler Person and Summer Blogess. I’ve been the author behind the blog posts since the beginning of May and have been happily reporting events around Victoria, interviewing my stand-up colleagues and keeping you posted on fun updates happening for The Pedaler. Since that time, I’ve also been riding and guiding all around Victoria and have some favourite things of my own!

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This is my second summer at The Pedaler, and my first year working in the shop as well as guiding. I found myself at The Pedaler last April while searching for tour guiding positions in Victoria following a brief stint of living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I found The Pedaler advertisement on the University of Victoria Job Board. According to the job posting, all they required was that I be a “keen” cyclist, and since I’m keen on just about everything, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem! To seal the deal, I may have slightly exaggerated my cycling ability during my interview. (The Boss-“we knew you would be fabulous even though you did not own lycra cycling clothing. In fact, because you didn’t own lycra cycling we had a good feeling about you.”)

My favourite rides this summer have been group training rides! New this year to The Pedaler are our adventure rides – longer distances and some off-roading on our Norco Search bikes on trails that the average visitor would not get an opportunity to see. In order to guide these rides, we have to learn the routes (and make sure our butts are in shape enough to lead!) so we’ve gone on semi-regular training rides, which for me have been a brand new experience and an absolute blast! After one of our rides, my beer of the summer has been This Is Hefeweizen from Moon Under Water, one of their seasonal offerings that they’ve thankfully brought back this year!

government house

This summer my favourite bikes at The Pedaler are the Blue Evo City bikes. They’re pretty, comfortable and the step-through frame make me feel fancy and elegant. They’ve been a blast to ride on our guided bike tours this summer. Speaking of our bike tours, my all-time bar-non favourite stop on any bike tour is Government House. Government House is not necessarily the most exciting or the most frequented stop on our guided bike tours, but on the Castles, Hoods and Legends Tour I feel like it gives the opportunity to talk about anything the guests are interested in – politics, cultures, history, current events, botany, anything! There is something for everyone and it is never a “flop” stop.

(The Boss- “Karly could talk about anything, anywhere and we sure enjoyed working with her in the shop, guiding our tours, and blogging for us this summer!”)