At The Pedaler, we take pride in our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Since we like our crew so much, we thought you’d like to get to know them too! Check back here for profiles of all our Pedalers, get to know the team, and learn more about this dynamic city!

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Erik Worm is with us for his first year at The Pedaler, but fit in with the team right away. He joined our company in March, helping set up the shop at its new location and building our bikes. With experience in the bike industry and the food industry, The Pedaler is a perfect marriage of the types of work he loves.

New(ish) to Victoria, Erik has done the majority of his exploring around the city and the surrounding area via bicycle. His favourite ride (right now) is along Durrance Lake Road because of its isolation and feeling of Canadian wilderness, all while being just half an hour out of town. After a long ride, his new favourite beer is the Sucker Punch from Swans Brewery, but his all-time favourite is Dark Matter from Hoyne Brewing Co.

As far as his favourite stop on a tour goes, Erik is still trying to decide. He finds himself torn between two finalists – either Cold Comfort on the Eat, Drink, Pedal tour because he’s a sucker for ice cream, or Moss Rock on the Castles, Hoods and Legends tour because it was the first place he visited in Victoria (and you can’t beat that view).

moss rock

view from Moss Rock

Erik’s favourite bikes at The Pedaler are the Evo Classics. These are the bikes we guide our city tours on. While he says he’s very excited about the new Norco Searches, the Evo’s still take it because every time we ride by people in the city, we look so good we turn heads.