At The Pedaler, we take pride in our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Since we like our crew so much, we thought you’d like to get to know them too! Check back here for profiles of all our Pedalers, get to know the team, and learn more about this dynamic city!

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Emma Roberts is another repeat-offender this year, coming back for her second dynamite season at The Pedaler. Emma took an alternative route to getting this summer job – Pedaler Owners Rose and Paul used to hire Emma to look after their cat while she was growing up. Having proved herself a responsible young person, they were more than willing to give her further employment.

Emma’s favourite ride (right now) is an awesome seaside route – starting at the Breakwater Cafe at Ogden Point, following the water all the way to Corodova Bay to Mattick’s Farm, then joining up with the Lochside Trail (a staff favourite!) to head back to town. After the ride, Emma’s favourite beer is the High Trail Honey Ale from Vancouver Island Brewery.

lochside bike ride

Riding along Lochside Trail

Speaking of trails, Emma’s favourite bike currently at The Pedaler (like many of us these days) is the new Norco Search. These adventure bikes let riders move pretty seamlessly from road riding to checking out trails off the beaten path.

While Emma is our “Cruise Queen,” ruling over all of our tours off of the cruise ships with an iron fist, her all-time-favourite tour stop is Spinnakers on the Hoppy Hour tour because of the view and the architecture of the building. The fact that this stop features a beer and chocolate pairing doesn’t hurt either….