At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you!

The adorable story of Pure Lovin’ Chocolate starts simply enough – with a lovely relationship between a mother, Cyndy and her daughter, Leah. The two have always shared a love for cooking together, so much so that Leah eventually went off to SAIT in Calgary, Alberta to study cooking. One Mothers’ Day, Leah made a batch of vegan truffles for Cyndy, and so began the idea behind Pure Lovin’ Chocolate! The two of them opened the shop together, now located in Fan Tan Alley, in 2014. All of their chocolates are organic, dairy free, soy free, gluten and made with natural ingredients, so they can be enjoyed by just about everybody!

I had a chance to chat with Cyndy about her personal favourite chocolate, which is pretty much an impossible question to answer. She admits that, while she loves trying the interesting and spicy flavours, if she could only have one chocolate for the rest of her life she would pick the classic Peanut Butter Cup.

For you home-chocolate makers out there, Cyndy says the most important thing is just to have fun with what you’re doing! Be creative, try new shapes and new flavours, mess around with some classic favourites, but make sure you’re always having fun! For some shape inspiration, check out the cat, dog, seal and high tea shaped chocolates at Pure Lovin’!

We’re happy to have Pure Lovin’ Chocolate on our Eat, Drink, Pedal Tour, and extra happy to have a tasty go-to hostess gift/stocking stuffer/midnight snack.