At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you!

Kid Sister Ice Cream, operating out of its new location in Fan Tan Alley, was opened in 2010 by Brett Black. Initially, the business started as a platform for one of Brett’s favourite treats – authentic paletas, or Mexican-style popsicles. Lesser known in Canada, but widely popular in Central America, Brett wanted to create and sell them here in Victoria because he is “fruit obsessed” and the paleta is a fabulous vehicle for the expression of fruit.

He is known as Brett Paleta-hands in the alley

He is known as Brett Paleta-hands in the alley

Since opening, the business has expanded to serve ice cream as well! In an effort to keep things local and sustainable, the eggs, milk and sugar used in the ice cream are all organic, and the fruit is kept as local as possible.

Keeping things legit (in Brett’s words), the name of the shop also has organic beginnings. He named the store after his wife, who is a younger sister in her family. The name itself is one of the secrets of the store’s success – fun, evocative and memorable!

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In recent years, people at home are becoming increasingly creative and making their own ice cream and other frozen treats. For the home frozen-treat-maker, Brett says its important to note the difference between ice cream and sherbet as far as construction and consumption are concerned – for ice cream, make it and freeze it fast for the next day, whereas sherbet you’ll want to eat right away. Sherbet simply does not keep well overnight, which is why you will not find any sherbet at Kid Sister – only fabulous ice cream and paletas! Overwhelmed by all the options? Brett’s favourite paleta is the Grapefruit Aperol, and his personal favourite ice cream flavour is the tiramisu. I tried out the tiramisu ice cream just to make sure.

We’re thrilled to visit Kid Sister on our Eat, Drink, Pedal Tour (or after work…or for lunch…or on the weekends)!