We’ve learned this is a tricky question to answer.

The short answer is: Kids are welcome on any tour if they can keep up with the adults. Our experience tells us that if they are not riding adult sized bicycles they cannot keep up. The age cutoff is generally 12 years of age. For families with kids younger than that you should consider a private tour so everyone has a fun and safe experience.

A private tour means that you get a guide to yourself and we can tailor the tour to suit your group. Our Private Family Fun tour is popular to accommodate special needs or families that want an exclusive experience. We focus this tour on your family’s unique interests and abilities.

We do not allow use of our trailer or tandems on regular tours due to safety factors involved with group riding in an urban environment, however we are always more than happy to rent, and give expert route advice for those looking to ride with a trailer attached. We can use the specialized equipment on a private tour.