This past week The Pedaler participated in Greater Victoria’s Bike to Work Week! From May 30th to June 5th, riders and commuters from across the Greater Victoria Area celebrated cycling as a form of commuting. As a particularly competitive group, we decided to take this opportunity to see how many kilometres we, as a team, could log in one week of commuting, touring and riding. We totalled a whopping 1,245 km as a team of 8! One of the coolest features of the Bike to Work Week website was that, after logging your kilometres, the site tells you how many kilograms of greenhouse gases you save by doing that distance via bicycle rather than by car. Our team saved 270 kg of greenhouse gases! Enough to fly a 747 jet for thirty seconds!!

bike to work week chart

Team stats for BTWW


If you didn’t participate in Bike to Work Week this year, we highly recommend it. There are “Celebration Stations” set up in different locations around the city each day to grab coffee and snacks, with teams of people cheering you on and supporting you, all just for riding your bike!

bike to work week

Team celebration!

Our team’s take-away: this was an awesome celebration of riding bikes, the resources available were both fun and helpful, and we will definitely be participating next year. Anything that gets more people riding bikes gets our stamp of Pedaler Approval!


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