Our EAT DRINK PEDAL guided food bike tour is proven to entertain all ages, and bring smiles to the faces of otherwise aloof teenagers. This “food tour by bicycle” has helped extended families get re-introduced to each other while sharing food and drink – a universal bonding experience.

Family vacations can sometimes start off a little rough. High expectations, maybe a harried departure from home and work, and trying to entertain and engage your kids while navigating a completely new city.

We think our Eat Drink Pedal food bike tour is a great way to start a vacation and help everyone relax and settle in to the holiday. It is a combination of factors that make this guided bike tour so much fun for all ages.

The bicycles are stylish and comfortable which puts everyone physically at ease, and they don’t scream “tourist”. You look like a local pedaling around town.

EVO-City-Stepthrubike tour

Everyone can relax and follow a friendly local guide through low traffic corridors and pathways.

People naturally enjoy sampling local food made with care, and this is especially true when those foods are fun for all ages, like a beautiful artisanal pizza, or a fresh fruit handmade popsicle.

Pizza War's Winner - Zambri's

Pizza Wars Winner – Zambri’s


Fresh Fruit Popsicle (Paletas)

EDP Bon Macaron

Macarons from Bon Macaron

Everyone is eating food they enjoy and discerning foodies appreciate the quality.

The bike tour provides a moderate form of physical exercise that makes people feel good, and also burns off some energy.

Soon everyone is playing “guess the flavour” at the macaron shop and planning which neighbourhoods and shops to revisit after the bike tour.

You soon realize that the next couple of days in town are starting to take shape with everyone onboard.

And we won’t even mention the fact that everyone learned “something about something” on this guided foodie bike tour!

Let us show you around our beautiful city!

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