If you think a guided bike tour that includes craft beer tastings is just for the boys, think again.

While beer may be thought of as a man’s drink of choice, the growth in modern craft beer flavours has allowed many women to discover a new love for beer. Historically, it was the women who made beer for their families

Victoria is a craft beer town. Canada’s first purpose-built gastro brewpub, Spinnakers, was built right here in Victoria in 1984. Today we are home to a number of award winning local craft breweries. Victoria is also the Cycling Capital of Canada thanks to the numbers of locals that ride their bicycles year round in our temperate climate.

It only made sense that The Pedaler would be the first in Canada to design a guided bike tour showcasing local craft beer!

food bike tour

In this bicycle and craft beer obsessed city, The Pedaler’s Hoppy Hour guided bike tour is the perfect pairing.The bike tour name “Hoppy Hour” is a nod to those fragrant hops that make beer of the Pacific Northwest unique.

If you are in Victoria in March you can experience Victoria’s Beer Week, a celebration of all things craft beer. You can also pick up a Craft Beer Map at our shop for a self guided craft beer tour done either on foot or bicycle.

That first pub is still going strong and is the first stop on our guided bike tour. The unique tasting at that stop includes a chocolate truffle and craft beer pairing. Women generally have a better palette then men and embrace the idea of pairing craft beer with food. As one of our first bike tour customers remarked during her Hoppy Hour bike tour “craft beer tasting is the new wine tasting.”

HH_Spinnaker Truffle

So if you are trying to decide which of our culinary bicycle tours to take, consider the Hoppy Hour craft beer bike tour. For those who have not experienced fresh local beer this type of culinary tour may be a game changer.

And the bicycle route is pretty scenic too!


We love all the local beer in Victoria but we wanted to point out a few that are great supporters of what we do – some people thought we were nuts (and some still do) when we launched our bike tour business on the basis of a craft beer guided bike tour, but these kind folks got behind us . Click on any of these to learn more about them and don’t forget to ask for a local beer when drinking in Victoria. The Moon Under Water Brewpub – try the Dark Matter, Hoyne Brewing – the new Hard Rain is tasty, Phillips – pair the Blue Buck with a creamy cheese, Swan’s – the best fruity beer


We promote responsible sippng and pedaling.

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