Cruise Ship Season Commences

    The cruise ship season is just around the corner and for most businesses, in Victoria, that means the busy season has arrived. Victorian’s love visitors and we thrive at showcasing how beautiful our city is. For all those lucky cruisers out there, we are waiting in anticipation for your arrival! If you still have not experienced our amazing city and are wondering what exactly your stopover in Victoria might be like, here are some great tips and a bit of local history of our home we call Victoria. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and we … Continued

Pedaler Partners-Moon Under Water Brewpub

At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you!     Moon Under Water Brewpub is one of the fantastic brewpubs that we ride our bicycles to as part of our Hoppy Hour Tour here in Victoria. Moon Under Water Brewpub is a family business run by mother Anne, stepfather Steve, son Clay and their dog Brew. The birth of Moon … Continued

From the cradle of the craft beer revolution…

Victoria is the cradle of the “craft beer revolution” as this beautiful video explains. Victoria is also the cycling capital of Canada. It was this unique combination of tag lines that inspired The Pedaler’s Hoppy Hour Tour, the first craft beer tasting tour by bicycle in all of Canada. Victoria is home to Canada’s first brewpub and some of British Columbia’s most popular breweries. Visionary trailblazers nurtured craft beer here in Victoria alongside the local food movement, and today BC’s capital city is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and breweries. Sip, savour, experience and explore everything Victoria has to offer. Arrive thirsty. … Continued

The Pedaler on ShawTV go! Island

This week The Pedaler was featured on ShawTV go! South Vancouver Island! Presenter Lisa Pysmenny was decked out in a team t-shirt and joined Pedaler co-owner Rose on our Pedaler Puzzle Hunt around the city, answering clues and touring Victoria in style on one of our blue Evo City Step-throughs (complete with a basket!). The videos can be found on the Shaw TV South Vancouver Island YouTube channel as well as on their website. For your viewing pleasure, check out the links below. Thank you for featuring our business, ShawTV!   The Pedaler Part 1  The Pedaler Part 2 The Pedaler Part … Continued

The Pedaler Puzzle Hunt!

The Pedaler has designed a smart-phone enabled self-guided tour of Victoria to allow visitors and locals who like games and puzzles a unique experience. Our Victoria By Bike “Puzzle Hunt” is an independent, self-guided tour with a twist! The Puzzle Hunt is similar to a scavenger hunt, taking participants all around the city for a fun and informative bike ride, with puzzles to solve at various locations. This digital puzzle-driven “hunt by bicycle” around Victoria is the first ClueKeeper hunt in Canada, and the first cycling-specific hunt of its kind in the world on the ClueKeeper platform. Think of Cluekeeper like iTunes and instead … Continued

Craft Beer Tasting is the NEW Wine Tasting!

If you think a guided bike tour that includes craft beer tastings is just for the boys, think again. While beer may be thought of as a man’s drink of choice, the growth in modern craft beer flavours has allowed many women to discover a new love for beer. Historically, it was the women who made beer for their families Victoria is a craft beer town. Canada’s first purpose-built gastro brewpub, Spinnakers, was built right here in Victoria in 1984. Today we are home to a number of award winning local craft breweries. Victoria is also the Cycling Capital of Canada thanks … Continued

“Eat Drink Pedal” is a food bike tour with something for everyone!

Our EAT DRINK PEDAL guided food bike tour is proven to entertain all ages, and bring smiles to the faces of otherwise aloof teenagers. This “food tour by bicycle” has helped extended families get re-introduced to each other while sharing food and drink – a universal bonding experience. Family vacations can sometimes start off a little rough. High expectations, maybe a harried departure from home and work, and trying to entertain and engage your kids while navigating a completely new city. We think our Eat Drink Pedal food bike tour is a great way to start a vacation and help everyone … Continued

Bicycles, Beer and Butchart Gardens

Want to experience 3 of our favourite local things: bicycles, beer and Butchart Gardens? Our Self-Guided tours to Butchart Gardens provides detailed maps and cue sheets for you to enjoy a beautiful bike ride to the gardens either using an eBike or our frisky All Road bikes. After you have finished wandering the property you pedal back into town on your bicycle following our maps at your own pace. How does the beer fit into this you ask? As you may know, we are crazy about craft beer in the Pacific Northwest and Butchart Gardens is a part of our local … Continued

Eat Drink Pedal around Victoria!

The Pedaler guides people around the Cycling Capital of Canada in style! The Pedaler was founded to offer people the chance to explore Victoria like a local – from the seat of a stylish and comfortable bicycle. We believe that one of the simple pleasures in life is a nice bike ride with friends … and good friends are quick to share a favourite cafe or beautiful scenic vista. Our local guides are passionate about Victoria, very fond of bicycles and they love to meet people and tell stories. Watch this video to meet the founders and experience The Pedaler’s … Continued

Self-Guided Bicycle Tours

Our self-guided bicycle tours help people experience Butchart Gardens, Sidney, and The Lochside Trail. When we travel we typically do a combination of guided and self-guided bicycle tours. We will take a guided theme tour initially to learn about the city, and to gather information about where to eat, drink and must-see local attractions from our guide. Then we enjoy self-guided experiences so we have the flexibility to move at our own pace with the security of following a trusted route. The self-guided exploration is always more relaxing with a little help from a local. Our self-guided bicycle tours at The Pedaler … Continued