Valentine’s Day Ideas

Did you know that Victoria is rated the most romantic city in all of Canada? We have held this romantic title for the last five years but with Valentines Day just around the corner, expectations are running high. Many of us opt for chocolates and flowers but what about doing something more interactive this year? Not everyone is excited about bland dinner dates and stuffed teddy bears. What about sharing a bike ride around Victoria and stopping at Moss Rock for a beautiful sunset, or tackling the tandem together out to Sea Cider for a romantic cider tasting and cheese plate? … Continued

Add Bike Commuting to your New Year’s Resolutions

For all of us here at The Pedaler, commuting by bike in Victoria is second nature to us. We pick up groceries on our bikes, ride to work and even drop our kids off at school. Some of us are even car free and solely rely on our bicycles. There are many reasons why we choose to commute by bike in Victoria and here are some of the reasons why we think you should too!   With a new year ahead, our environment and how we take care of it will be a topic in the spotlight. Many of us … Continued

Pedaler Tips on Winter Cycling

The winter season is upon us but here in Victoria we are lucky to have very mild winters. We are one of the few places in Canada where we can cycle all year around. It may be a bit chilly BUT the neighborhoods are still green, the cafes are cozy, and it is extra special to be able to cycle in the winter in Canada. Here at The Pedaler we have put together some great winter cycling tips for all you visitors coming to Victoria to escape the winter blues back home.   Stay warm! Make sure you are wearing … Continued

Tackling the Tandem – What You Should Know

Recently, after years of dreaming, my accomplice and I have finally ridden a tandem bike from The Pedaler. From what we’d gathered over years of watching people rent, there are two basic schools of thought regarding the ever-coveted “bicycle built for two” – it’s either a romantic afternoon bringing couples closer together, or a power struggle to the death ending in utter calamity. I was curious about which group we’d land in. Being “bike people,” we couldn’t just take the tandem for a lap around the parking lot. We had to take it for a real ride. We ended up … Continued

Community Outreach: Our Place Society

In the Fall of 2014, The Pedaler was having casual meetings with Velofix, an amazing full service mobile bike shop operating out of specialty vans. These conversations led to The Pedaler and Velofix creating a program we are proud to be a part of today. As two relatively new businesses in both the cycling and the business community of Victoria, The Pedaler and Velofix felt a strong urge to give back in some way. The reality of being a small, new business is that financial margins can be tight, so we opted instead to give back with our time rather than … Continued

End of Bike to Work Week!

This past week The Pedaler participated in Greater Victoria’s Bike to Work Week! From May 30th to June 5th, riders and commuters from across the Greater Victoria Area celebrated cycling as a form of commuting. As a particularly competitive group, we decided to take this opportunity to see how many kilometres we, as a team, could log in one week of commuting, touring and riding. We totalled a whopping 1,245 km as a team of 8! One of the coolest features of the Bike to Work Week website was that, after logging your kilometres, the site tells you how many … Continued

So You Got a Flat Tire…

Let me paint you a word-picture. It’s a beautiful, clear morning. You’re biking down the Galloping Goose, about to cross the Selkirk Trestle. Sea birds fly overhead, searching the water for fish. Small, idyllic boats float peacefully on the calm water, rocking almost imperceptibly. You take a deep breath of the salty fresh air, the sun shining on your face, your hair blowing in the gentle bree…FLAT TIRE FLAT TIRE FLAT TIRE WHAT IS THAT SOUND THIS CAN’T BE SAFE NOOOOOO!!! So you have a flat tire. No big deal, I’m sure you have your handy-dandy repair kit on you. … Continued

Back in the Saddle!

Victoria is a great city to cycle around for a bunch of reasons – low traffic, quiet residential areas, bike lanes– but most importantly, the mild climate makes it feasible to cycle all year. That said, some days it can be difficult to convince yourself to get outside when it’s windy or pouring rain (or changing out of your pyjamas just doesn’t seem like a viable option), and you and your bike may take some time apart for a season. Whatever the reason, come springtime it’s usually a good idea to give your bike a tune-up to make sure everything … Continued