Add Bike Commuting to your New Year’s Resolutions

For all of us here at The Pedaler, commuting by bike in Victoria is second nature to us. We pick up groceries on our bikes, ride to work and even drop our kids off at school. Some of us are even car free and solely rely on our bicycles. There are many reasons why we choose to commute by bike in Victoria and here are some of the reasons why we think you should too!   With a new year ahead, our environment and how we take care of it will be a topic in the spotlight. Many of us … Continued

Pedaler Tips on Winter Cycling

The winter season is upon us but here in Victoria we are lucky to have very mild winters. We are one of the few places in Canada where we can cycle all year around. It may be a bit chilly BUT the neighborhoods are still green, the cafes are cozy, and it is extra special to be able to cycle in the winter in Canada. Here at The Pedaler we have put together some great winter cycling tips for all you visitors coming to Victoria to escape the winter blues back home.   Stay warm! Make sure you are wearing … Continued

Got a bike lover on your Christmas list?

    Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? The Pedaler is selling off our gently used city tour bikes. We have both male and female city bikes for sale. Only used for one season, and primarily only on our guided tours, these 8 speed bikes are in great condition. These retail for over $500 when new, and we are selling them at only $290 plus GST. These bikes make for comfortable riding while looking stylish too. Come to our shop for a test drive. This is a great deal for your special someone on Christmas day. Happy Pedaling and Happy Holidays!  

Pedaler Partners – Olive the Senses

At The Pedaler we are fortunate to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal to these different vendors, we want to share their stories with you!   Victoria is an incredibly fun place to shop since it seems like we have a specialty store for just about everything! Hudson Public Market is a great place to observe this phenomenon, where the space is dedicated to hosting local artisans, farmers, and the like! Olive the Senses, a specialty olive oil and balsamic vinegar … Continued

Re-Opening December 1st!

Our shop hours for December, January and February will be 9:30am to 4:30pm every day. We have 4 BIG DEALS to encourage people to ride a bike this winter – details below! We will be closed on December 25 and January 1. Our popular 2 hour guided city tour (CASTLES, HOODS & LEGENDS) will run once per day only AT 1:30PM in December, January and February. Our self-guided tours to Butchart Gardens and Sidney will resume March 1, 2017. BIG DEAL #1 2 for 1 ALL-DAY BIKE RENTAL On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from December to February, all-day pedal bike rentals will be … Continued

Fall and Winter Update!

We are CLOSED for the month of November and we re-open on December 1st operating from 9:30am to 4:30pm. We have 4 BIG DEALS to offer customers starting December 1st until the end of February … just in case anyone needs a little extra encouragement to get on a bicycle. Our guided tours continue to be intimate group sizes of 2-8 people and, based on the feedback from our enthusiastic customers – we are the top bike tour company in town on Trip Advisor – we will just keep on doing what we do, all year long.   CLOSURES and CHANGES We are closed for the … Continued

Victoria By Bike with Seattle Refined

Check out this video by Seattle Refined which showcases Victoria in the Fall. The recent Royal visit in September 2016 is featured along with other local businesses and attractions!   Our neighbours and friends, Inn at Laurel Point are featured, and the best walking tour in Canada, and of course craft beer by bike with a chocolate truffle and beer tasting at Spinnakers (just like we do on our Hoppy Hour bike tour!), and other top attractions accessible by bicycle.   #HoppyHour     #VictoriaByBike      #CastlesHoodsandLegends

Seattle to Victoria via Clipper Ferry

Clipper Vacations put together a great video (click to view) that makes us want to be a tourist in our own town! They focus on Fall being a great time of year to visit and we agree … but any time of year is great in our humble opinion. The Fall season typically means a quieter time for visitors and the weather is still amazing for getting outside to explore Victoria By Bike.   The video features Butchart Gardens which is accessible from our shop via the Lochside Trail. We provide maps and cue sheets for your self-guided tour on any one … Continued

From the cradle of the craft beer revolution…

Victoria is the cradle of the “craft beer revolution” as this beautiful video explains. Victoria is also the cycling capital of Canada. It was this unique combination of tag lines that inspired The Pedaler’s Hoppy Hour Tour, the first craft beer tasting tour by bicycle in all of Canada. Victoria is home to Canada’s first brewpub and some of British Columbia’s most popular breweries. Visionary trailblazers nurtured craft beer here in Victoria alongside the local food movement, and today BC’s capital city is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and breweries. Sip, savour, experience and explore everything Victoria has to offer. Arrive thirsty. … Continued

Pedaler Partners – Kid Sister

At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you! Kid Sister Ice Cream, operating out of its new location in Fan Tan Alley, was opened in 2010 by Brett Black. Initially, the business started as a platform for one of Brett’s favourite treats – authentic paletas, or Mexican-style popsicles. Lesser known in Canada, but widely popular in Central America, Brett wanted … Continued

Tackling the Tandem – What You Should Know

Recently, after years of dreaming, my accomplice and I have finally ridden a tandem bike from The Pedaler. From what we’d gathered over years of watching people rent, there are two basic schools of thought regarding the ever-coveted “bicycle built for two” – it’s either a romantic afternoon bringing couples closer together, or a power struggle to the death ending in utter calamity. I was curious about which group we’d land in. Being “bike people,” we couldn’t just take the tandem for a lap around the parking lot. We had to take it for a real ride. We ended up … Continued

Pedaler People – Karly Wilson

It is a uniquely challenging feat to write about yourself in the third person. “Karly enjoys riding bikes because…her favourite summer beer is…” etc. It’s awkward, and it is for that exact reason that I have opted to write as myself – Pedaler Person and Summer Blogess. I’ve been the author behind the blog posts since the beginning of May and have been happily reporting events around Victoria, interviewing my stand-up colleagues and keeping you posted on fun updates happening for The Pedaler. Since that time, I’ve also been riding and guiding all around Victoria and have some favourite things … Continued

Pedaler Partners – Terroir Tea Salon

At The Pedaler we have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some amazing local businesses that offer fantastic, unique products to the city of Victoria. Since we love to eat, drink and pedal around to these different vendors, we wanted to share their stories with you! Victoria and teatime are a classic pairing. The city itself was founded by the Hudson Bay Company and has been described as “more British than the British,” on multiple occasions. We were even the last city in Canada to start driving on the right side of the road! Perhaps because of this … Continued

Victoria Tweed Ride

When you think about what is missing in the modern-day cycling world, naturally the first thought that comes to mind is the need for a “cosmopolitan ride with a bit of style.” To fill this void, a group in London started The Tweed Run London, riding their bikes through the city streets dressed in tweeds to raise money for Bicycles for Humanity. Bicycles For Humanity is a global movement that started in central British Columbia. The goal is to raise funds, collect bikes and send them to developing countries in shipping containers that then remain in the country and become bike … Continued

Labour Day Weekend in Victoria

Labour Day Weekend Victoria is a fantastic time to visit Victoria. From Friday September 2nd to Monday September 5th the entire city is bursting at the seams with events, energy, music and boats! The “City of Festivals” is out in full swing for the last long weekend of the summer with an amazing number of activities and cultural events to participate in. In addition to our usual visitors, Labour Day Weekend also brings back Victoria’s large student population,  ready to start a new year at the University of Victoria. First, if you’d like to get out of the city for the … Continued